Brasil09 commits itself to transparency

Those who are working for the common welfare and get donated money should be able to explain

     what the organisation does

     where the money comes from

     how it is spent

     who is responsible for decisions.

For that reason Brasil09 e.V. signed the voluntary commitment of the Initiative Transparent Civil Society. This initiative is carried out by Transparency International Germany e.V., the German Federal Association of Foundations, the German Central Institute for Social Matters DZI, the German Fundraising Alliance, the German Culture Board, the German Environmental Protection Association, the German Donation Council, the Maecenata Institute for Philanthropy and Civil Society and Venro, the Union Development Politics of German NGO’s.

Within the scope of these agreements we committed ourselves to answer ten precisely named, important questions on a central, easy to find place.

The commitment was developed under leadership of Transparency International Germany e. V. and was signed by the executive committee of Brasil09 e.V. on the 6th of June 2013.

If you have any questions, animations, commendations or a review, we would be pleased, if you approach the team of Brasil09. You can find our contact details here.

1. Name, seat, address, year of foundation

Brasil09 e.V. was founded on the 8th of October 2007 with seat in Wennigsen (Deister), Germany; half a year after the 10th grade students from the Free Waldorf School Sorsum had had the idea for the initiative during an English lesson.

You can find our address and contact details here.

2. Statutes, aims and principles

On the 4th of March 2008 Brasil09 e.V. was enlisted in the register of associations of the local court of Hannover under the number VR 200 655. You can find the recent extract from the register of associations here.

You can download the statutes in the version from the 7th of October 2007, enlisted in the register of associations on the 4th of March 2008, here (PDF). The association is politically, ethnically and confessionally neutral.

Brasil09 e.V. made it their mission to improve adolescents' education situation and future chances in our partnership town Porto in north-east Brazil. We combine this with an intercultural youth exchange. Both partners visit each other regularly. With these aims we fulfil the purpose of the association according to the statutes which is promotion of development aid and international understanding.

You can learn more about our principles here.

3. Information about tax concession

The association is enlisted in the tax authority Hanover-County I for incorporations under the number 23/210/07553.

Since its foundation the association has been acknowledged as non-profit charity by the tax authority Hanover-County I (charitable purposes: promotion of international attitude, tolerance in all areas of culture, international understanding and development aid). On the 3rd December 2012 it was confirmed for the last time, for 2009 until 2011. You can read the notice of non-liability for tax here (PDF).

4. Name and function of important decision makers in the association institutions

The association institutions are the general assembly and the executive committee.

The general assembly takes places at least once a year and is the paramount decision-making body of the association. It votes the executive committee and discharges it from liability, accepts the executive committee's year's report, decides on alterations of the statutes and the membership fee and can appoint honorary members. The general assembly is open to the public.

The executive committee manages and takes the responsibility for all legal and economic matters of the association.

The executive committee consists at least out of three persons. The members of the executive committee are voted by the general assembly for a period of two years and distribute the functions according to the statutes by themselves. They work voluntarily and do not get paid any financial recompensation. Members of the executive committee without special function are not enlisted in the register of associations. The board meeting normally are public.

Members of the executive committee with special functions should be full of age due to the full legal competence. It is considered positive when their underage children within the executive committee accompany and complement their work to gain the necessary expertise (empowerment).

The following members of the executive committee have been elected during the general assembly on the 26th of April 2013 for the next two years:

President:                                  Peter Holzki (father), architect
Treasurer:                                  Konrad Müller-Bremeyer (father), self-employed trader
Secretary:                                  Larissa Holzki, student at the Cologne Journalist School for politics and economy
                                                 and of social science at the Cologne University

Members of the executive committee
without special function:              Finjo Bremeyer, year 13 student
                                                 Leona Holzki, year 13 student
                                                 Leonard Ihßen, year 12 student
                                                 Ella van der Put, student of interdisciplinary engineering
                                                 at the University of Applied Science RheinMain in Rüsselsheim
                                                 Hamish Walker (father), trainer and coach for communication
                                                 Kai Walker, student teacher

Karin Schmidtke and Elisabeth Steffens-Mittmann have been elected annual accounts editors, Flavia Holzki, year 11 student, has been elected deputy annual accounts editor.

The planning of the projects and activities, the realization of fundraising actions and public relations as well as the contact to the partner group in Brazil are mostly organized by the project group consisting of students and former students. This project group is open to all interested youth at and around the Free Waldorf School Sorsum. 

5. Report of activity

Here you can read and download the reports of activity of the last years. Here you can download a rather comprehensive report for 2012, including pictures and some personal impressions (2 MB).

6. Personnel structure

All people engaged and involved in Brasil09 are voluntarily working. The association recently has 78 members.

7. Sources of funds

Here you can find the annual financial statement 2013 and information about the sources of funds.

8. Disposition of funds

Here you can find the annual financial statement 2013 and information about the disposition of funds.

9. Connections with third parties according to company law

Brasil09 e.V. is member at the Association for Development Politics of Lower Saxony e.V. (VEN). Brasil09 e.V. however is independent in its acting and unattached by instructions from any side.

Besides Brasil09 e.V. holds a stake of 40 % of the SorsumSolar GbR for operating the solar equipment on the roof of the Free Waldorf School Sorsum.

There is no other connection with third parties according to company law (like shareholding or spin-offs etc.).

10. Donations that are more than 10% of the total year's revenues

In 2013 Brasil09 got donations that are more than 10% of the total year's revenues from the following entities:

Bingo Environmental Fund of Lower Saxony supporting the project Fruticultura and Engagement Global gGmbH out of the ENSA-program to support our visit to Brazil in summer 2013.

There were no donations by private persons or other grants that were more than 10% of the total year's revenues in 2013.

State: 12th of October 2014

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the Brasil09 team at info(at) or phone +49-5109-2817.