Our patron

We are glad, that Mr. Hauke Jagau, the president of the region of Hanover, had taken the patronage for our project Brasil09. Since 2008 each group of Brazilian youth would be invited to a meeting in Hanover. In a fluent Portuguese he had a discuss with them over political and actually themes and the opportunity of democratic participation for the youths in both countries.

Here he presented his guests an atlas and let show himself by them their native town Porto at the north-east of Brazil. The adolescents always thank him with a little dance number in the Hanoverian House of the region.

  • Hauke Jagau

“I am enthusiastic by the incredible engagement of the Sorsum pupils in Brazil. These adolescents had reached to realize an idea, which, reflected in a level-headed assessment, seams unrealistic for the moment. That is, what I admire about.

They had managed not only to help men on a strange continent, but also they formed a friendship with these men and cultivate it. I am sure, that this is an experience, which would leave the young person for their further life.

This project deserves the highest recognition and support.”

Hauke Jagau
President of the Region of Hanover