Freie Waldorfschule Sorsum

The Freie Waldorfschule Sorsum is a public school in free maintenance. It is organized as a comprehensive school with classes from 1 to 12 and has about 355 pupils now.

The school was founded in 1994 as an initiative of parents of the surrounding area. The profile of this little school in a rural area was lead its indelible mark besides the traditional educational meanings of Waldorf- or Rudolf-Steiner-Schools in artificial-musician and craftsmanship specially by a main emphasis in horticulture and a strong connection of School-learning an operational education at the sixth form.

Waldorf education has the intention of a comprehensive human development - in thinking, feeling and will. Every young human being should be furthered in a way, that the forces and abilities, that lies in wait in himself, can developing to the full in the best possibility. The establishment of one’s objectives is getting just the utmost significance, because the will is looking to the future und wants to take the human to the acting.  

The by the pupils self-initiated project Brasil09 is the impression of that integral way of education and is firmly established in the school-live. Brasil09 wants to enable the participation on an intercultural encounter in Brazil for every senior pupil of this school.

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Freie Waldorfschule Sorsum