Who we are and how we think

To understand and embrace global responsibility

Brasil09 is a development collaboration of young people from Germany and Brazil. We are students and alumni of the Rudolf Steiner School in Sorsum in the region of Hanover in Germany and young people from the small town of Porto in the North-East of Brazil. Together we develop projects for a fairer future. We envision, organise, finance and implement. When are not able to do something, we find somebody to teach us or work according to the principle “learning by doing”.

Only him who develops himself can do development aid

At the beginning of our project stands the dream of changing something. To create training places for young people in Porto for example so that they do not have to leave town. We think about which possibilities and chances there are in the region and how we can use them. The young Brazilians have many ideas. Often it is just a lack of courage or money that keeps them from pursuing these ideas. To work together on the same level, the Germans learn Portuguese and the Brazilians learn English. We distribute the responsibilities in a way everyone can bring in his talents. Both in Porto and in Sorsum we have to learn how to work out financing plans, to keep records, to fundraise and to make our project go public. So for five years we have been selling cocktails at events at school, in other towns and at private birthday parties. There is no given way to learn all those concrete tasks. We have to live our own experiences. The principle of help for self-help refers to all of our participants, no matter from which country they are.

Against injustice and for each of us

To shape the future we have to do much more than what is obviously necessary today. Final exams, math tests, drama club, music lessons, soccer training, friends –today’s students probably have enough duties and appointments. But who once participated in an exchange in Brazil or Germany is willing to make a big effort to see those friends again. This is where Brasil09 is different to other development aid projects. We do not just give money to charity for a few children in developing countries. We know our friends’ names, stories and dreams. And when we make them come true together, we realize how it helps us at least as much as we help them.